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Released in late 2020, Game of Thrones Slots Casino is a one-of-a-kind themed slots game that's based on the infamous TV show, transporting players into the Tales of Westeros world. For 6 months, I was one of three UX designers to create unique experiences that furthered player engagement and retention.

Boss Battle Mini Game

Game of Thrones Slots combines a unique themed experience (collaboration with HBO) and social features that create strong relationships among players. To provide novelty to the current game, the team wanted to introduce a short-term, mini game live-ops event in the form of a boss battle. Mini games add variety and excitement to the base game and were ultimately the second most popular event type for casino apps in 2019 (based on Liquid and Grit's January 2020 Casino Report).

Set high-level goals

1. Make a compelling, aspiration-driven mini game with exciting rewards
2. Create a system that can be scalable to incorporate future events
3. Increase ARPDAU by 15% over the course of the event
4. Increase credits bet by 10%

Create a full screen dialog that is easily reskinnable for future events

Priority of elements:
1. Boss
2. Wheel (all potential rewards)
3. Jackpot Level Rewards
4. Purchase Boost Button
5. Spin Currency and Spin Button
6. Time

Theme 1: Defeat the Night King

01. Spin on any machine to fill up meter and earn boss battle tokens

All mini games and events have their own specific currency. In this case, currency is capped at 10 in order to ensure that players can't easily beat the boss in one go.

02. Defeat the bosses by spinning the Wheel of the Old Gods

The wheel is a two-wheel concept in which one spin will (1) attack the boss and (2) earn rewards. There are three boss levels; on defeating each boss, players will win a jackpot.

03. Purchase secondary currency booster to earn an additional token every time the meter fills up

A highly recommended mechanic from Liquid and Grit is to monetize on secondary currency. For this mini game, the boost gives players two tokens for every full meter and lasts for 15 minutes. This allows players to complete the event within the allotted time frame while increasing our number of in-app purchases.

Enjoyed by players as is evidenced by lifts across KPIs

After ramping the initial test to 30% of our players, we tracked the stats as well as sent out surveys to our VIPs. We believe that the significant uptick in bets and payer percentages will ultimately lead to a directional uptick in revenue.



Payer Percentage

Based on our player feedback and survey (~1,800 VIPs), the main pain point (over 50% of VIPs) had to do with the tuning as it made it difficult for players to complete the event, especially when the reward wasn't worth the effort. In terms of improving UX, players expressed the need to further clarify symbols and win requirements in the FTUE.

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